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Coaching Services

Life and Business coaching program duration is 3 to 6 months, depending on your need.
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Life Coaching Program

Life coaching program takes clients through a model required to make changes for personal growth. The coaching program will provide tools for discovery as well as address all your concerns for successful and greater life. The life coaching program will also assist clients to address blocks and redirect their energy positively to explore areas the client needs to change to for the most life balance.

Life Coaching Program Sessions

  • Creating Life Balance

  • Creating Fulfilment in Your Life

  • Designing Your Best Life

  • Discovering Your Life Purpose

Business Coaching Program

Business coaching program is for clients that are interested in learning or improving leadership persona, learn business processes and set-ups, small business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, leaders, managers, as well as employees or partners.


The business coaching program will take the clients through discovery exercises, assist clients through discovery for possible development of creative ideas. The clients will work through phases to come up with actions and working ideas for business start-up, implementation, and business sustainability. The clients will also learn about business plans and requirements for business set-up.

There is also opportunity for clients, especially leaders, manager, and executives to work through processes to identify their strength to increase their confident level for career growth.

Business Coaching Program Sessions

  • Introduction to Business Coaching

  • Entrepreneurship, Small Businesses, Partnership

  • Leadership and Management Moments

  • Marketing, Communication, and Operations

  • Business Plan Overview

  • Sustaining Success

  • Work/Life Balance

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